The best proof of love is trust..


before discovering lana del rey


after discovering lana del rey


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this looks like a senior class picture of guinea pigs

I can relate to this
Everyone contains the universe within. Everything that you would like to change out there in the world must first be changed within. If you want to create a better world you must start by creating a better self.
long enough
to leave a mark,

quickly enough
to avoid a

I envy
your ability
to start such
deep fires and
escape before
you get burned.

"In life, we may not understand why certain things happen to us, but we believe that the Almighty has the best plan for us, so don’t lose hope."
- Mufti Ismail Menk
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No human being, when you understand his desires, is worthless. No one’s life is nothing. Even the most evil of men and women, if you understand their hearts, had some generous act that redeems them, at least a little…
Holding onto dunya creates a veil that blocks Light from entering the heart. When you stop chasing dunya and let go, you remove that veil. When the veil is removed, Light can enter the heart. The same dunya you used to run after, will now run after you, because all things are attracted to Light.
Here’s to the security guards who maybe had a degree in another land. Here’s to the manicurist who had to leave her family to come here, painting the nails, scrubbing the feet of strangers. Here’s to the janitors who don’t even fucking understand English yet work hard despite it all. Here’s to the fast food workers who work hard to see their family smile. Here’s to the laundry man at the Marriott who told me with the sparkle in his eyes how he was an engineer in Peru. Here’s to the bus driver, the Turkish Sufi who almost danced when I quoted Rumi. Here’s to the harvesters who live in fear of being deported for coming here to open the road for their future generation. Here’s to the taxi drivers from Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and India who gossip amongst themselves. Here is to them waking up at 4am, calling home to hear the voices of their loved ones. Here is to their children, to the children who despite it all become artists, writers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, activists and rebels. Here’s to Western Union and Money Gram. For never forgetting home. Here’s to their children who carry the heartbeats of their motherland and even in sleep, speak with pride about their fathers. Keep on.
Anyone who shows the way to something good has the same reward as the person who does it.
I refuse to love you
merely by nighttime,
when loneliness rears
its glistening head.

I will love you through
the scorching heat, the
disheartening rainfall,
and the wrathful storms.

Anyone can adore you
to the moon and back.
Love is when you are
adored despite anything
the sky chooses to reveal.


I hope you fall in love with a man with good music taste and a jawline stronger than your wifi connection

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